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Reasons to pick up a hoop...

Boys enjoy playing with hoops just as much as girls do!

It's just so difficult to stay in a negative head-space with a hoop spinning around your body! The combination of movement and contact with your hoop can help release adrenaline and endorphins that induce a state of euphoria. Ever notice how people in a hoop are laughing and smiling?

Hoops are something that is fun to share with everybody, especially children... of any age ;o) Hoops make fabulous gifts!

Hooping is a great holistic and core workout. The hoop can easily be incorporated as a fun part of your daily workout routine.

If you're one of those people who just cant seem to get the motivation to exercise, the addition of a hoop can help make a daily workout routine fun, and something to look forward to.

Look and feel sexy while getting into better shape!!!

Your music options are only limited by your mood. I've seen people hoopdance to just about every type of music under the sun (and moon).

One doesn't even need music to enjoy dancing around with their hoop, it has a rhythm of its own.

The hoop and various types of performance art you may already be familiar with can be fused together to create a type of fusion hoopdance or act!

Amazing hoop tricks are easy but can be hard to "get" at first. Hoopdance is perfect for those who crave a challenge rather than repetitive motion.

For those those of us who are a stress case, the hoop can help us let go and be free. The hoop goes around so fast, you're forced to feel instead of think!

A hoop can help you get through lonely and depressed periods in life by giving you physical attention you may desire.

A hoop can help victims of sexual abuse who desire touch, but not of a sexual nature.

A hoop can also give people with infectious disease* the physical attention they may not feel comfortable seeking with another person.

*Depending on the overall health of the individual. ALWAYS CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN BEFORE ENGAGING IN CARDIOVASCULAR / AEROBIC ACTIVITY. In some cases hooping can immediately complicate or worsen your condition in the long term! Also, because there is physical contact with the hoop that is akin to a massage, you may want to consider those contradictions as well.

The content on www.HYPNOTICHOOPS.com is NOT to be considered medical advice.

... Who ... How ... Why ...
- Hypnotic Hoop Dance Instruction | Hypnotic Healthy Dance Hoops -


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